The Perl debugger supports line breakpoints and regular expression breakpoints. Both types of breakpoints are set on an executable line of a program. If enabled, they suspend thread execution before the corresponding line of code is executed. Regular expression breakpoints additionally extract the regular expression contained in the line of code they are associated with and enable you to debug the regular expression within the RegExp-Plugin.

The following symbols are used to indicate breakpoints:

Status Line Breakpoint Regular Expression Breakpoint
Registered with debugger


Regular Expressions Breakpoints are still in an experimental state and will at the moment only work for expressions of the type: Expr1 =~ <delim>regexp<delim>modifiers; Modifiers are ignored.

Setting Breakpoints

  1. In the editor area, open the file where you want to add the breakpoint with the Perl editor.

  2. Directly to the left of the line where you want to add the breakpoint, open the marker bar (vertical ruler) pop-up menu and select Add Breakpoint or Add RegExp Breakpoint.

While the breakpoint is enabled, thread execution suspends before that line of code is executed.

Enabling or Disabling Breakpoints

Open the debug view, open the Breakpoints view and use the check box in front of the break point to enable or disable the break point.

Removing Breakpoints

There are two possible ways for removing a breakpoint:

  1. Right click on the breakpoint symbol in marker the bar (vertical ruler) of the editor pop-up menu and select Remove Breakpoint.

  2. Open the debug perspective, open the Breakpoints view, right-click the breakpoint you want to remove and select Remove.