EPIC - Commercial Support

EPIC is an open-source project supported by volunteers through the community forums hosted at sourceforge.net. Throughout the past several years, the development of EPIC has progressed at a slow, steady pace and concentrated on bug fixes rather than feature improvements. Most user questions have been addressed for free within several days either by other users or the maintainer.

If you use EPIC to produce software in a business setting, you might be interested in obtaining commercial support to benefit from even faster response times and from the possibility of commissioning custom enhancements. Services are provided through the company and in person of EPIC's maintainer, Jan Ploski (plosquare.com). They include:

  • implementation of new features or bug fixes;
  • consulting, new user training, and troubleshooting assistance;
  • integration of EPIC with other plug-ins and development tools.

You can decide whether your purchased improvements should be released as part of the open-source project, with the resulting PR benefits for your company, or packaged as separate closed-source plug-ins to increase your competitive advantage.

At present, support and custom development terms are negotiated on an individual basis.
Please contact Jan Ploski with your inquiry to obtain further information.